Use the plus sign button to open the creations screen, zoom in on the map to place your tag exactly where you want it to point, add text, photos and links, select a category for your tag, and click “Done”

Enter your email and choose a password. You will be sent a verification code to your email to verify it really is you, enter the code and you’re good to go!

We use email addresses to make sure we have real people using the app, and to communicate if there’s something important to tell you. We never share your email with anyone else.

Just click “Share” after you create a tag and choose your favorite method of communication.

Choose a photo you saved on your device by clicking the photo button.

One good use is to save a link to a video you made about the place you are tagging, on Youtube or Vimeo for example. You could also point people to a website or other content online.

Please do, just open the tag and swipe to the right until you see as many stars as you think the tag deserves.

TipTags is created with love and care in California to create connections through common interests in places.