Catastrophe Management

Patented Map Based Data for Catastrophe Management

Delivering Risk Management Through Operational Transparency.

Why Guess When You Can Know?

Data silos. Knowledge loss. Out-of-date information. Insufficent data. Lack of data driven insight. Historical Data is Not Enough.

TipTags brings transparency and access to areas affected by natural disasters and conflict zones or civil unrest, where local knowledge is vital, with secure map-based mobile communication and autonomous drones.

TipTags: A Private Atlas of Operations

  • Any Data on Any Map
  • Created by Employees, Customers, Management
  • Down to doorway accuracy
  • Integrates with legacy systems
  • AI & NLP processing


  • Better data for greater insight
  • Lower operational cost
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Greater utilization of assets
  • Data increases in value over time
  • Data for autonomous systems

Operations transparency for temporary hospitals

TipTags will be adapted to meet USAF needs during the Covid-19 pandemic. Logistics and Medical Personnel will have the ability to easily locate and update the status of any piece of equipment containing a sensor, and facility construction details, using the mobile app.

Transparency, Trust & Cooperation

  • Generated with local knowledge and expertise
  • Uses mobile devices
  • Created online or offline
  • Atlas of known risks
  • Manage disasters in real time
  • Document recovery efforts
  • Human interface for drones and autonomous systems


NATO / Harvard
United States Air Force

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