About TipTags

The TipTags mobile platform enables ANYONE to create, share and access hyper-local information about really ANYTHING, harnessing the power of granular, local knowledge to aid decision-making in real-time. This could include everything from text and photos to links and contact information.

So, despite social-distancing and stay-in-home orders, the goal is to actually bring neighbors closer together by giving people a way to map and share first-hand knowledge about their local situation. That means YOUR Tags can help others navigate everything from testing locations to where to find PPE or even up-to-the-minute grocery availability…and vice-versa.

Creating even more urgency is our concern about recent neighborhood unrest across the country as well as the upcoming Hurricane, Tornado & Fire seasons bringing the potential for disaster-forced evacuations and a potential 2nd wave of the coronavirus.

The Team

Tim Roberts

Founder - CEO
Tim began in transportation management consulting. In Silicon Valley he worked with founders of Network Alchemy (Nokia Acquisition) and Transmeta (NASDAQ IPO). Extensive experience with startup companies. MFA/MBA

Greg Parker

Greg began his career with Oracle, building O-Sql (Oracle 11). Co-founded 5 companies (all with exits). Extensive experience building large, scalable systems. Greg has triple degrees in Astrophysics, Computer Science and Mathematics.