About TipTags

TipTags are simple sharable messages about a place you can drop on a map.

Have you ever found yourself in a new place with no idea how to find what you need – a doorway, a rest room or a subway entrance? Are there places in your own neighborhood you know nothing about? Would you like deliveries and other services to have better information? How about sharing a place to meet for a tailgate or a picnic? Do you have a favorite spot you would like to share, or know a dark alley folks should avoid? Wouldn’t you like to know a new place like a local?

The Team

Tim Roberts

Founder – CEO
Startup veteran, worked with founders on Transmeta (NASDAQ IPO) and Network Alchemy (Nokia Acquisition), recently launched ISHAR for the Chopra Foundation. He has worked with startups in transportation, media, technology and tourism, and has spoken at conferences world-wide. MFA/MBA