About TipTags

A new kind of patented map-based communication


The Team

Greg Parker

Greg began his career with Oracle, building O-Sql (Oracle 11). Co-founded 5 companies (all with exits). Extensive experience building large, scalable systems. Greg has triple degrees in Astrophysics, Computer Science and Mathematics.

Tim Roberts

Founder – CEO
Tim began in transportation management consulting. In Silicon Valley he worked with founders of Network Alchemy (Nokia Acquisition) and Transmeta (NASDAQ IPO). Extensive experience with startup companies. MFA/MBA

Kiran Rao

Software Development
Veteran of Microsoft and numerous startups. Founder. BSEE Carnegie Mellon

Chuck Ball

Operations & Marketing
Held senior positions at Disney, Vivendi & Lycos. Successful founder.
MBA University of Virginia

Brian Allman

Business Development
Launched dozens of products for major corporations, successful founder & investor